Fontaine Group Consulting is a family owned Credit Repair Consulting Group with over 10 years of collective experience. With our highly skilled and experienced team, we are equipped to meet all of your credit repair needs. As an industry leader, we stay up to date on all current legislation pertaining to consumer credit, as well as changes with the Credit Bureaus, Creditors, and everything in between.


We are NOT a big scary corporation. In fact, most of our clientile are right here in Texas. We operate locally out of DFW and surrounding areas. We believe in prompt and reliable customer service. This means when you call, you will speak with a live representative, not a machine. We are in the business of helping you improve your credit, not convincing you to improve your credit. We work with everyone from real estate investors, single parents, college students, you name it, there are no limitations to our clientele. Our well established connections and diverse network allow us to operate efficiently and professionally so you can focus on the things that matter.


During your free consultation, all services and expenses are fully disclosed. On average, most items take a minimum of 30-45 days to remove. Other credit repair services who claim anything less are simply misleading. An estimated 70% or more of Americans have some type of negative item on their credit report. Our first priority is to understand your circumstances and your goals. This will allow us to determine what plan of action makes sense for you personally. Visit our Credit Repair page to get started. The worst case scenario is - If we do not remove a single derogatory item or your FICO score does not improve within four months of our program, we will provide you with a full refund (Terms and Conditions). We currently have an 83% success rate in removing derogatory items. Although it is common to remove most, sometimes all items, we do not guarantee the removal of 100% of the negative items from your credit report. This is a process, it can take time. We work hard for our clients and strive to achieve the best results possible. It's our job to get you on the right road.


So take the first step and start your free consultation to give us a brief overview of your current circumstances. If you have any additional questions, feel free to visit our Contact page to reach a representative.


What separates us from other teams, firms, and agencies?

Fontaine Group Credit Repair was founded upon the desire to help individuals who are struggling with their credit and are currently being held back from financial or other opportunities. If you have experienced identity theft, errors on your report, aquired 

derogatories, judgements, collections, even if you have experienced 

foreclosure or bankruptcy we can help. Thats right, it is possible remove foreclosures and bankruptcy. The truth is you can remove virtually everything except outstanding student loans child support, and alimony (federal). Don't let bad credit keep you from living the life you deserve, business or personal, repairing your credit can be the first step towards a fresh start.


We believe you deserve the opportunity to create a higher quality of life for yourself and your family. Whether that means avoiding long term credit damage, foreclosure, or bankruptcy. Whatever your circumstance, our team is dedicated to help.


After witnessing millions of Americans struggle with their credit - some family and friends - our team recognized the need for creative solutions. The morals, values, and principles that compose the foundation of our group are what allow us to truly make a difference.  We believe the world is your mirror, and it is key to give that which you wish to receive. This is what makes us truly unique, and why we are committed to helping you create a higher quality of life through achieving and maintaining great credit. It is our objective to be of the highest customer service.

Eric Fontaine

Director of Business Development



As a Consultant, Real Estate Investor, and Volunteer Wildland Firefighter, I enjoy solving problems to say the least! I like to explore alternative solutions and leverage my creativity, innovation, and leadership qualities to figure out what works best. I believe the world is your mirror, that's why I'm committed to helping you create a higher quality of life through achieving and maintaining great credit, one step at a time.

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